Photo of the day

Here is the photo that I found profound today.


I think this is great because there is only one man. He’s playing chess, the mirror makes it look like he’s playing himself.

We are all playing ourselves. wait why did I say that, all of us can’t be playing ourselves. No, most people are playing themselves though. Never play yourself.  Life is a game, your life is your version of the game. Now play. Play with others, play amongst the world, but never play yourself. Don’t sit in silence and watch life play out in your mind. Use that mind, that imagination to play the game of life, to create, to do things. Make your version the best version of the game. Play hard, work hard. Wiz Khalifa. The game isn’t always fun, and times in the game you will want to quit. But Just like DJ Khaled preached into existence, “NEVER PLAY YOUR SELF”. Don’t be like this guy playing chess in the mirror, don’t play yourself, play live. Don’t get in your own head and play life out through there, open your mind and use it to play the game of life. just work, never play yourself. wow such a disconnected thought vomit of a paragraph, now do you understand why older generations make fun of millennials? poor writing skills. Jk, you’re still reading. or are you? you came here for the picture and now you’re still here??? cmon, leave already, just workkk.

Now I’m not saying, never play chess, chess is good and fun. Just never play yourself, in life. I don’t know how this man played himself during this game, but I doubt it went well. I wouldn’t be able to think about both sets of moves and outcomes at the same time, or at least wouldn’t be completely objective to one side thus giving one side an advantage. Playing chess with yourself seems pointless. Like do you have two different consciousness? hmmm, do ya? Yeah on second thought, don’t play yourself in chess and in life. Never play yourself. there have I said it enough times…

When you play there must be a winner and a loser.  But what happens if you play yourself, you are the winner and the loser.

No one wins. It’s a draw. Confusing? Don’t play yourself. just work.