About the Author

The author, creator, and voice behind justwork.works is Brian DeJesus.

This guy. ———————————————————————————————————-> But who is this guy? Who is Brian DeJesus? Well if I knew, I’d be sure to let you know.

He’s just some guy, who wrote had an idea to  write a bunch of awful blog posts about motivating others. When in reality but the underlying tone of his writing, screams dysfunctionality.

He’s just some guy who was told that he had to made a website for a class assignment.

He’s a guy that’s 20 year old college student, who is not

A very good student. He’s a human being that identifies as he, him, his. Cisgendered, half-Filippino. Or so he was told -_-. He is a millennial, not that he had a choice. He is just a guy who is down on himself at the moment. He is a person that has been called “dramatic” more than once. He is a guy that was raised in southern California, in the suburbs. He is a guy that went to public school. He is the youngest of three siblings, to parents that are not divorced. He is a guy that grew up playing sports and video games. He is a guy who drank before he turned 21. He is a guy that was raised going to church on Sundays and got confirmed in the church when he was 16. He is a guy that has broken laws, expectations, and rules. He is just a guy that doesn’t worship a god right now and has serious doubts about the foundation of religion in general. He is a guy that had pre-marital sex, of course, I’m not married. He is a guy that doesn’t have much appreciation for the sanction of marriage. He is a guy that has said “I don’t ever see myself getting married”  to women I was romantically engaged with. I am a guy that breaks rules, doesn’t do as he’s told.. He is a kid that got in trouble in school when he was younger. I am a kid that didn’t act many heinous acts, I, just the kid stupid enough to get caught. I am kinda stupid. He is someone when told what not to do, asks “why” and “why not”. He was a kid that would ask his parents why after why, after why. He is someone who asks questions, but is learning the answers? He doesn’t know. And he doesn’t know what to do now with this about page.

You know when you take an interview questionnaire type thing and they ask you a question like “describe yourself in 2 words”, do you recall ever witnessing this question in your existence? I do. I just want to light my hair on fire, with gasoline, when I get this question. How am I supposed to give you two words that can describe my self?/????

That’s might be the beauty of all this, I am not limited to two words, I have as many words I want and I can still never truly tell who i am. 

I can’t tell you. But I can tell you this:

I am B r i a n  D e J e s u s.

Brian made justwork.works because he is just like you, he needs to be reminded to justwork. He needs to justwork. In order to solve his problems and achieve his goals, he needs to justwork.


Even thought I don’t know who I am. I just work. I will not let my loose grip on my identity stop me from  just working. I think that might be the point of justwork. But before I reveal the point to just work, let’s continue this on another time.