About justwork.works

JustWork is a webpage designed to drive. To motivate, to inspire and push you to action.  Anything can be achieved if you just work.

My quest for self-identity are the true motivation of the memoirs of justwork.works.

I do not know who I am, im trying to figure that out.

So I just work, on this blog.

I do not have any of the answers to any of the questions, topics, or debates that make up my writing. That is why I write. Because I do not have the answers, but im just working to find them.

Just work is me attempting to come to terms with the fact that I do not have all the answers, confirming that I do not need all the answers and accepting that I will never have all the answers. This is me coming to terms with my life. This is justwork.

Just work was a class assignment for a web design class, we were to make a basic promotional website or blog. So the author had the idea for just work; a website that wastes your time by telling you to stop wasting your time. That was the original idea. I would evolve. Into something more like site that keeps you from work by telling you to work. Wowzers what an idea, I know contain your excitement for just a second. Hear me out.

I had to make this website. I had to make a web site. It doesn’t have to have really great spelling, or super intriguing content. It doesn’t need to get millions of views and shares or thumbs up. It doesn’t even need to make sense, and it probably won’t. It doesn’t have to be perfect or amazing, it just has to work.

It only needs to just work.

JustWork is a site with content dedicated to inspire and motivate YOU to be the best. Not the best ever, the best possible version of yourself. How do you be the best? you justwork!

Do you want to be happy? Do you want to be successful? Do you want anything? well justwork. Stop thinking about trivial matters and just work on yourself. The one and only thing that will bring you to your happiness is work. If you aren’t happy, work for your happiness. Work so you can be who you want to be. Work work work work work, work smerk.

What is it about great work? What is work? Why justwork? ‘just do it’ was clearly already taken. I have this theory that work the point of life. I think that the human race is built to work. We need to work to advance the species and further produce value in life. Why are the humans on earth? What is the meaning of all this?  Just work. You the only applicable answer is just, work. What should you do if you are worrying about not being good enough? Or that you aren’t living how you want to live? Work on it. Is this making any sense? Ok, who cares. If you’re work hard you can do what you love, but if you hardly work, you will never love work. That definitely made zero sense. Don’t worry about it, just go with it. Just work. Just work because that’s all that you can do. There’s no un-reading the words that you’ve already read. Work is all that we have. Nobody knows the meaning of life, or why we exist how we do. But all we can do is work in life and hope to keep working harder and harder each time. All you can do is work and then die. If you don’t work in your life, you will have wasted your time living. So just work.

Yeah, yeah sounds simple, it’s easy to say all these things, but actually doing them is what counts. So just work.

Start by examining your life.

What do you want?

You have to know what you want. So figure that out. When you that out, Justwork.

And justwork your ass off.




This website was originally designed for an Intro to Web Design class, by Brian DeJesus. If you want to know who he is, check out the About the Author page.

If you aren’t inspired, okay that’s too bad. I write these words to whoever may find them. If justwork doesn’t make you want to do something awesome, then that’s on you. I do my best, but you must do your best as well.