The cure for depression

Depressed. Who here is depressed? Or has felt been depressed?
Oh, you have?
You haven’t?
Just kidding I can’t hear you no matter how loud you talk to your computer screen. If you haven’t guessed already, I am depressed.


It’s a strange beast, depression that is. Before I was pronounced clinically depressed, I saw and talked to those who were going through depression. I felt bad for them, but I didn’t feel their pain. I could never understand the feeling of depression as much as I do now. I suppose that’s because you never know how something feels until you experience the feeling. I would sympathize with any friend that was brave enough to tell me that they were depressed. I would comfort them, and try to tell them what they ought to hear. But I never knew what it felt like, until now. I never thought that I would be depressed, that it could happen. When I thought of depression before, “I couldn’t be depressed” or “I won’t get depressed”. I never thought that it would affect me. I never thought that this would happen to me. Maybe that is why it has happened to me. I thought that I could go about my life carelessly and without worry. Mistakenly not worrying or caring about my life, until now, when I obsessively worry. So much, that it prevents me from caring about myself and my life, I have slipped into the abyss of depression.
It feels almost as if someone yanked the carpet out from under my feet, leaving a black cartoon circular void, I fall with a eerrroooooooooo. plop.
But that’s how it gets ya, when you least expect it. Just when you think that you’re as happy as can be, that nothing can get you down. It cuts you down. Like a lumberjack hacking the root of a tree. TIMBERR! You whole world comes crashing down. It can affect anyone. No matter who you are, where you come from, when or if it affects you, you will feel it. It’s a strong feeling, one of the worst there is.


SOooooo what are you gonna do about it? Your tree just got cut down. As you just gonna let it lay there on the forest floor and decompose? Are ya? Are you gonna let life cut you down and turn you into paper?!?
No! If you’re reading this you are going to just work. I will just work. Just work to get over depression and make it just part of my history. Just like how anyone can get depression, anyone can overcome it. It is a disease of the mind, in the mind.
So that means that it be mentally overcome. It has to be mentally overcome, it cannot be treated like a physical disease. It can’t be surgically removed, can’t be tamed with antibiotics and drugs. (well doctors say that medicine helps, but I don’t believe that medicine can cure depression. Depression is a mental state. A mentality. Drugs may help ease the minds thinking, but ultimately the mind must move on to a new mentality.Unlike physical disease that requires medicine and action to overcome, depression can be cured from within. YOU JUST HAVE TO GET OVER DEPRESSION…no, that’s probably the worst and most inaccurate thing I’ve said ever. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could get over depression like you get over the common cold, with rest and medicine. Would you rather be perpetually depressed or have terminal cancer that ends your life in 15 years. I ask the question because I was thinking, what is worse? A disease that you can’t indefinitely be treated, or a disease that could be treated but not anymore because its too late. I guess both cancer and depression can’t be treated. Cancer can be removed or extracted, if it doesn’t spread and infect too much of the body. And depression can be treated by therapy and self-recovery, but it can come back at any time and there is no indefinite escape from depressed thoughts. Is that right? It sounds right to me, but maybe that’s just my depressed mind thinking. Anyone that is depressed and reading this, know that within yourself you posse the medicine to cure yourself. It is a mentality, and can be changed from within.

Let me get back to the point, I think I was making a point. Anyone can get over depression, just like anyone can get depression. To get over depression, you have to change your thinking. I think it is key to recognize that I said ‘get over depression’, I did not say cure depression because I do not believe there is a cure. There are remedies to get over it, I think. It is also key to understand that I said ‘you have to change your thinking’. You! if you are depressed you are the only one that can help yourself. You must make the change. YOU can do it! you can get over depression. just work. I know, it’s hard.

Another thing that I want to point out is that depression affects everyone differently because everyone is different right? So you have to get over your depression. Only you, you and only you. You have to identify what is causing ‘your’ depression’, and then just work to get over it. ahhh slipped a ‘justwork’ in there. But seriously, it’s your depression, you are the only one who can get over it.


Okay, yeah, get over it. Okay well, how do you even do that? Identify what is making you depressed.. yeah i guess. Then do what you can to get rid of that thing. Find out what would make you not depressed (cough, cough, happy). Find what makes you happy, and try to do that more than the thing that makes you depressed.
I never claimed to have the answers or the cure for depression. What I just said is simple. Do what makes you happy and don’t do what doesn’t. Simple, but I dunno, seems like it could be the right answer. The “cure for depression”. I still haven’t quite figured it out myself, but when I do I’ll let you know. If you’re disappointed that this post yeilded no answers, and you’re depressed, just work.
justwork on you depression. Start pinpointing a cause or causes of your depression. Okay maybe start by admitting that you are depressed and need to be better. I really have an ass backwards way of writing to get to my point.

I guess you have to read to the bottom for the any of the real meaning of my posts.

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