How to know what do you want?

What do you want?  Okay that’s kinda an unfair question. Who knows what they want? It’s really hard to know. I think “what do you want?” should be the quote of life. I do not know the answer to life, but I think the question is “what do you want?” This question is probably thought about the most out of all possible questions. That’s what life is all about! Figuring out what you want. In life in general, and for minor things in life. Whether it is deciding what kind of soup to buy at the grocery store or what to engage yourself in for the next 20 years.


Maybe its just my 20 year old, college student perspective, but I think that “what do you want?” is the most prevalent question in my life. I am continually asking myself “what do I want?”, and what sucks is I don’t have an answer most of the time. I believe asking myself this is a good self evaluation that I need to do, but since I’m drawing blanks, I need to ask a different question. I need to ask “how do I know”, how do I know what I want?


Well that is an even more unanswered question. How do you know what to want? How do you know that what you want is the right choice for you? How do you know that you will excel at something and fail at something else? How do you know that you want something? Again I must remind you that, I am not a well person, my thinking is very skewed at the moment.


The answer is simple, however complicated and confusing I am. You will know when you know. If it makes you feel good, if it feels right. Then your on the right track. If it feels purely acceptable to yourself, that it makes you feel valuable then you are doing something right. But make no mistake, finding something that feels right will take time. JUSTWORK


It will take hard work and dedication, perseverance and owning one’s own exposure and embarrassment. You will have to try things, you will have to expose yourself to new things, people and experiences. You have to try, JUSTWORK at trying hard. Eventually something will stick.

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