What do you do you do to somebody you hate?

“So what do you say to somebody you hate

Or anyone tryna bring trouble your way..” –Eminiem,  Forgot about Dre



Woah, ‘hate is a strong word’.

Okay yes, hate is a strong word, but it is necessary, sometimes.  It becomes necessary when a you just think about a person, their face and your mind is consumed by sinister, evil thoughts. Now, now Brian you have to take a step back, your mind isn’t well. Yes, I am more susceptible to hate now more than ever. It’s easy to hate, it’s a bomb with a short fuse. The bomb is my brain. The problem with hatting its like I said, it consumes you. When you hate something, you cannot help but think about it in that moment obsessively. When hate is triggered, it is not easily shut down, and silenced. If hate was a light switch, I could flick it on a whim, but if it was a light switch, it would turn the lights off, leaving you(me) in the dark to try and find the switch again. Hatred consumes your thoughts very quickly and powerfully. When focused on hate it is a desperate act to think of something to change your mental state.


So what am I even rambling about, Hate. Yes we all hate. Any one that tells you otherwise is a liar. If anyone has ever told you that they don’t hate anymore, they are a liar. Because everyone hates. Everyone has something that they despise and can’t agree with. Just as everyone has something that they love and couldn’t possibly harm.


But why, why do we hate. Here’s where a professional blogger would insert some prior knowledge and research, but I don’t have such research and don’t call myself a professional. I don’t know why we hate, it is a blind emotion that makes us feel overwhelming disagreement and unhappiness for something or someone. Our brains are programed to like and dislike certain things based the experiences of our life. So when we hate something, we can’t exactly help it, its our programing. What we can do it think objectively (or try). Yeah its not easy to take a step off the hate ledge and think about the something that you hate without the programming of your brain. When faced with a mind full of hate, take a step back, ask youself “why do I hate this”, “do I want to hate this” and “should I hate this”. The first question is why. One of the most important questions of life.


Okay to bring this point together, I will do an example. So that it will make sense to viewer and myself alike.


I hate plays. For as long as I can remember, I have hated plays. You know nutcracker, phantom of the opera, I think they suck. So why do I hate them? I hate them because they’re slow, boring, not entertaining, the chairs were always too small, the plot and acting was boring, and my mom would drag me along to go see them. I hate plays because when I was a kid, I had nothing but bad experiences with them, I wanted nothing to do with them. So since I was a kid, I told myself that I hated them, I programed my brain to hate plays. So I ask myself the second question “do I want to hate this” or do I genuinely want to let my hatred go? I would say the latter, I don’t want to reserve hate for plays. I don’t want to hate them, at least not anymore. Who knows there may be a good play that could change my mind, but if I always shut myself off to them I will never get to find out the ‘what if’. The last question is “should I hate this”? And when I ask myself if I should, I don’t think I should. As I just stated, there may be a play out there that is actually good, or I might like them more that Im not a kid. No, I should’t hate this [plays]. I have bad memories associated with them and I still don’t really like them, but I don’t hate them.


Hate is a strong word. Be careful. JUSTWORK on not “hating”, try not to use the word “hate” anymore. Because you can program your mind to hate, hate, hate so much that you no longer have a clean mind space to love. BOOOOOOO That was super cliché!! C’mon Brian, “don’t hate, love”?? That the underlying message to this 700 word post? Yes. Yes, it is.


Cut out your hate, be great, love. JUSTWORK.

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