Giving up

Don’t Give up! Never give up!

Giving up is quitting. I already wrote a post about quitting but this one’s different, I swear. Look it even has a different title.

Giving up means that you failed, that you quit. Giving up is conceding, resigning, surrendering, retiring.  Giving up is bad. Giving up doesn’t lead to any good. Nothing good can come from giving up on something. Right, but giving up isn’t the end of the world. Giving up doesn’t mean that you’re going to die. Well, unless we’re talking about giving up on life, then yeah you would die. But don’t kill yourself, ever! Killing yourself is the ultimate give up, the biggest thing you can quit, is life.

So don’t kill yourself and don’t give up. This has been a great post so far, I want to thank you for reading. Sianara!

Why should you not give up?

Because giving up will get you no-where. Yes, I hate to spoil this for you but giving up is not helpful to your life, and only sets you back. When you give up on something, it is like when a store closed its doors, you can’t go there anymore. Like Albertsons. Albertsons? Yeah, for me growing up there was this Albertsons near my high school, then Albertson closed that store and Haggans or some shit took over. anyway, the point is, that I could no longer go to Albertsons anymore. Albertsons gave up, so I can no longer go back to it, or at least that Albertsons. Pretty bad analogy, but if you get it, keep reading. And even if you don’t keep reading.

Everyone will say, don’t give up because it is closing a door of opportunitiy. If you give up on anything, you will never get to know what could have been. SO don’t give up. Give your best,  if your best isn’t good enough, and you want to give up, ask you yourself. “am I willing to let go of this opportunity?” or “am I willing to close this door because I don’t want to give it more effort?”

The answer is either yes or no, and often it may be yes. Yes I am willing to give up. But it should be no, I will not give up. I will give it more effort. Because you can’t give up on every opportunity. You can’t close every door in life. If you do you’ll find yourself sitting in a room with only windows, peering outward thinking about everything that could have been if you hadn’t given up.


Don’t give up. JUST WORK. It won’t be easy. Because life isn’t easy, and it’s not supposed to be.


“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.”

-Theodore Roosevelt



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